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What is a cemita? A sandwich, a torta...a little bit of both. A new type of sandwich that focuses on the best parts.

It is compose of:

  • Cemita roll bread with sesame seeds
  • Meat of choice (but you can add as many as you want.)
  • Avocado slices
  • Raw onions
  • Chipotle/Jalapeños 
  • Two types of cheese (queso blanco or/and Oaxaca cheese)
  • Papalo herb* (Seasonal)

One bite of this sandwich and it will change your food life forever. 

Recipes that have been handed-down from generation to generation. Bringing those Poblano flavors to life.

Our menu is simple, three entrees (cemitas, tacos arabes, tostadas) that's it a nice and simple menu. But various combinations of assembling a delicious gourmet sandwich on-the-go! We got this cooking to a science, we bring that Mexican "Poblano" style zest to Los Angeles, CA.

We started in 1991 in small food truck, now we're rocking in a restaurant.

We couldn't be happier to be part of this wonderful hodgepodge culture that is Los Angeles. Our Poblano flavors have changed and redefined what Mexican food is all about, this cemita sandwich is one of a kind.

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Visit us in the heart of Boyle Heights!

We started the cemita crazed back in 1991 in a weather beat-down food truck near Salazar Park, Ditman & Whittier. Nobody gave us a shot, but we kept at it in a community that was built on 2x1Tacos, we changed the minds by bringing traditional Poblano style flavors to this area. And well little by little our cemita sandwiches became a staple of the East LA area. In 2005 we moved into a restaurant, it has been a wonderful journey. 

Cemitas - La China Poblana

3568 Whittier Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

(323) 263-810

Hours (Horario)

Monday - Friday: 

10am - 9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 

10am - 9:30pm

Drop us a line (¡Escríbanos!)



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