Welcome, Bienvenidos!

First & foremost we like to thank you for taking the time to visit our digital realm, we not only hope you leave our site craving our mouthwatering cemitas [se-mee-tas] -- but have enough time to learn about our rich Poblano culture, traditions & folklore all encompassing Mexico. It goes without saying, but I'll say it there's a spectacular and unnoticed link between the food people eat and how it shapes its culture.

Our famous Sabor Poblano starts with knowing the fundamentals, below you'll find a cheat sheet "Anatomy Of A Cemita" on what makes an authentic cemita [se-mee-ta] really flavorful. Unlike other sandwhiches, burgers, and tortas that are drapped with tons of mayonnaise/sauces that hide/mask the flavours of the entree -- cemitas have NO sauce, it's made to savour all the natural ingridients: the firm avocado, the tasty white cheese, and the uncanny meat.

 So kiss that mayonnaise goodbye!

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